New Children’s Book Just Out!
“Kory the Khameleon Pretends to be Sick” is a wacky tale of a young lizard’s attempt to avoid school one day. Suitable for kids 4-8 or anyone who enjoys books for that age group, it was written by Barry Miller and illustrated by Don. Hardcover or paperback editions are available by contacting Don, or the paperback is available at or select independent book stores.


We Can’t Stop!
“Kory the Khameleon Goes to the Zoo” is also now available. The same creative team that brought you the first book has produced a new opus. Actually using few words, it’s an entertaining coloring book which features our hero and his sister Kelly as they encounter various animals at the zoo. If you have kids or are handy with crayons or colored pencils yourself, find it at


Vague News Flash!
Don recently completed principal illustrations for a series of four books from a major educational publisher. Contractual agreements prevent mentioning specific info, but there were 240 illustrations, and it’s safe to say Don is glad it’s complete, sincerely thanks the publisher, and is enjoying an occasional free weekend now.


Don and a fellow humorist have formed a company and are producing funny drawings which, with any luck, you may see in a newspaper or magazine near you. Watch this spot for updates. And if YOU need a cartoon drawn for you right now (okay, soon) you can contact the artist to see some samples.